Freiburg, Germany, 15 – 17 May 2020

Supporting Festival Programme

Es gibt viel zu sehen: Kunst, Musik, Essen & Trinken...
Impressionen Mitmach-Aktionen, Infostände und Präsentationen: Die ganze Stein-Vielfalt
Impressionen Kommen Sie zum Stein-Festival und lassen Sie sich inspirieren...

First and foremost, the European Stone Festival revolves around the skills of the young stonemasons and stone carvers from all over Europe.

There will be many other attractions on the festival site to emphasize the character of the festival and offer a varied programme to the general public.

With the varied supporting events, the Festival is attractive for visitors and presents a unique opportunity to look over the shoulders of the participants and gain an insight into the profession of the stonemason and the stone carver.

A wide variety of art and stone will be presented, including demonstrations, exhibitions, hands-on activities and a varied supporting programme. There are, of course, supervised activities for the children.