Salzburg, Austria, 03 – 05 June 2016

Welcome to the
European Stone Festival 2016

03 to 05 June in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria 120 young stonemasons & stone carvers from all over Europe will meet in Salzburg, Austria.
Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria

Thank you for taking an interest in the European Stone Festival, the meeting place for stonemasons and stone carvers from all over Europe.

What is the European Stone Festival?

From 03 to 05 June 2016, we will be welcoming over 120 young stonemasons and stone carvers from all over Europe to Salzburg where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and creativity to a wide audience.
Since the festival took place for the first time at the end of the nineties in Freiburg, it has become an annual event and been hosted by a variety of European countries.
Following 2009, this will be the second time that Salzburg is host to the international festival. The Kapitelplatz in Salzburg is the ideal setting for such an international carving festival as the city is closely linked to the art of stonemasonry and stone carving. The festival is organized by the Steinzentrum Hallein and the Association of Stonemasons and Stone Carvers Salzburg

The theme for the festival in 2016

From the Romanesque to the Modern
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The festivals in the future

  • 2017    Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary 19. – 21. May 2017
  • 2018    Uzes, France
  • 2019     Trondheim, Norway
  • 2020    Freiburg, Germany

Contact and Organisation

Steinzentrum Hallein
Salzachtalstraße 24
A-5400 Hallein
phone +43 6245 81274
Adolf Moser
Erentrudisstr. 19,
A-5020 Salzburg phone +43 664 4321900